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Original Investigation

Left atrial dilatation in systolic heart failure: a marker of poor prognosis, not just a buffer between the left ventricle and pulmonary circulation

A. Rossi, F. L. Dini, E. Agricola, P. Faggiano, G. Benfari, P. L. Temporelli, C. Cucco, L. Scelsi, C. Vassanelli & S. Ghio

Original Investigation

Geometry of the left ventricular outflow tract assessed by 3D TEE in patients with aortic stenosis: impact of upper septal hypertrophy on measurements of Doppler-derived left ventricular stroke volume

Dan Koto, Masaki Izumo, Takafumi Machida, Kengo Suzuki, Kihei Yoneyama, Tomomi Suzuki, Ryo Kamijima, Yasuyuki Kobayashi, Tomoo Harada & Yoshihiro J. Akashi

Case image in cardiovascular ultrasound

Provocation of clinically significant left ventricular outflow tract obstruction by postural change in patients with sigmoid septum

Yukina Hirata, Hirotsugu Yamada, Kenya Kusunose, Susumu Nishio, Yuta Torii, Yuki Horike & Masataka Sata

Case image in cardiovascular ultrasound

Anomalous muscular bands of the left atrium on echocardiography

Nitin Sabharwal, Moustafa Elsheshtawy, Isaac Akkad, Manfred Moskovits & Gerald Hollander

Case image in cardiovascular ultrasound

A case of ventricular septal defect detected after myomectomy by intra-operative transesophageal echocardiography in patient with situs inversus and double-chambered right ventricle

Ai Kawamura, Koichiro Imai, Teruyoshi Kume, Kazuo Tanemoto, Tomoko Tamada, Hiroshi Okamoto & Shiro Uemura

Case image in cardiovascular ultrasound

A right coronary artery aneurysm presenting as a mass in echocardiography

Yehia Saleh, Abdallah Almaghraby, Basma Hammad, Ola Abdelkarim, Mahmoud Abdelnaby, Eman El-sharkawy & Mohamed Ayman Abdel-hay

Case image in cardiovascular ultrasound

Rapid growth of thrombus formation in the unruptured sinus of Valsalva aneurysm following coronary angiography

Hiromi Umeda, Akihiro Isotani, Takeshi Arita, Tamami Kudo, Terufumi Matsunaga, Yutaka Otsuji & Michiya Hanyu

Case image in cardiovascular ultrasound

Dynamic right ventricular outflow tract obstruction from a pedunculated cardiac metastasis

Satish Maharaj, Simone Chang, Karan Seegobin, Julio Perez-Downes, Lara Zuberi & Marwan Shaikh

Case image in cardiovascular ultrasound

Echocardiographic and pathologic findings of wild-type transthyretin senile systemic amyloidosis developed in early 50s

Goro Yoshioka, Nozomi Watanabe, Hiroyuki Koita, Yujiro Asada, Keiichi Ashikaga, Nehiro Kuriyama & Yoshisato Shibata

Case image in cardiovascular ultrasound

Kohlmeier–Degos disease with constrictive pericarditis and atrial fibrillation

Stephani C. Wang, Hiren Patel, Lee S. Shapiro & Sulagna Mookherjee

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