The purpose of JSE is to contribute to the promotion of human health through stepping up the level of cardiovascular healthcare or health research by committing excellence to support the research of the cardiovascular ultrasound science and to educate our members about the patient care using the ultrasound, in Japan.

Japanese Society of Echocardiography

President's Greeting

  Greetings from President Satoshi Nakatani

  I am Satoshi Nakatani. On the appointment of the sixth president of the Japanese Society of Echocardiography (JSE), I would like to say a few words. JSE is a professional organization that was first established in November 1989 as the Japanese Echocardiography Workshop. Its first annual scientific meeting was held in May 1990, a quarter-century ago. We have such a long history and we should inherit passion of our predecessors and be committed to contributing to the development of echocardiography together with other countries around the world and to improving the level of echocardiography in clinical practice. I think there are two approaches that the JSE should take in the future, one from a national perspective and the other from an international perspective, which will be explained below:

National approach of JSE
  We see patients all day and night. What do patients expect from echocardiography? I think they expect to receive high-quality and reliable examinations anywhere in Japan. To meet their expectations, we need a wide range of professionals who not only have high skills but also have accurate knowledge of echocardiography and can understand pathologic conditions and correctly interpret examination findings. We provide training and education to develop such professionals by taking advantage of various opportunities, such as scientific meetings and echo courses, so that we can contribute to facilitating equal accessibility for all to high-quality healthcare. I would particularly encourage young doctors who see patients but have hardly any opportunity to perform echocardiography by themselves to become interested in echocardiography. We need a system to help them learn about echocardiography from the basics. In addition, research is indispensable to improve the level of echocardiography in clinical practice. Research is necessary in order to solve problems in clinical settings, and high-quality research will definitely be useful for clinical practice, which means useful for patients. We will promote research on echocardiography in general and particularly by young doctors and sonographers. To do so, scientific meetings are very useful. These meetings will serve as opportunities for researchers to present their research results and for participants to discuss presented results to produce better results. Research results should be put on paper. However excellent the research results are, unless published, they will disappear. It is your responsibility to widely share what you have found and concluded. The JSE publishes its own journal, the Journal of Echocardiography. I encourage you to use this journal for such a purpose.

International approach of JSE
  As globalization is rapidly progressing, we should not confine ourselves within Japan. As a result of the efforts of our predecessors, echocardiography in Japan has distinguished itself in the world. We now need to be more active in presenting research results from the JSE outside of Japan. In recent years, both the ASE and the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging (EACVI) have been actively developing cooperation with foreign scientific societies. The JSE also will continue close cooperation with overseas associations maintaining our own presence. What should we do to achieve this? Research is the key, again. I believe that presentation and publication of research results from Japan are the best way to ensure the identity of the JSE and to collaborate with other associations. I encourage all the members of the JSE to participate in scientific meetings of overseas associations. Meet many people around the world and make friends with them. Publish your papers. We have systems to support you, such as the Japanese Society of Echocardiography Overseas Research Fellowship and the Japanese Society of Echocardiography Distinguished Abstract Award for Overseas Congress. There is also the Echo U40 Club Meeting, which is designed to support young researchers.

  With "Think globally, act locally" in mind, I will do my best to help the JSE maintain its own presence in Japan and abroad and to make the JSE a strong and compassionate organization that is friendly and useful to its members. To achieve this goal, the cooperation of JSE members and support members is essential. Your continued support would be appreciated.

February 2016